Singapore Travel Dummy Guide

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Singapore is one of Asia’s most modern and dynamic cities. A melting pot for all sorts of cultures and religious beliefs, this thriving cosmopolitan city-state is one of the most welcoming and diverse places on Earth. There’s a lot to do here – shopping, fun themes parks, beautiful beaches, restaurants with one of the most unique local cuisines, tropical parks, clubbing, and much more.

Oh, did we mention that the cheapest Michelin restaurant in World can be found in Singapore too.


The city is full of buses and taxis, but the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) runs across the country. The MRT ticket price varies, depending on the distance travelled, but it usually costs around 2 SGD per trip. There are special passes for tourists, the Singapore Tourist Pass, which takes you anywhere you want to go within the country for a designated time period. A one -day pass costs around 10 SGD, a two-day pass – 16 SGD, and a three-day pass costs 20 SGD. There is a 10 SGD deposit that’s given back if you return the card 5 days after you bought it.

More information on the tourist passes, visit  here..


Having a history deeply rooted in trade and commerce, Singapore has gathered all sorts of cultures, and this interesting mix is present everywhere, especially in their cuisine. Food here has Chinese, Malay, Indian and European influences.

There are numerous low-cost eateries (they call it the Hawker Centres) and street stalls throughout Singapore, selling food for almost or as low as 3 SGD. More casual restaurants charge around 20 SGD for a meal, and fancy restaurants can have any price higher than that. If you want to save some money and cook for yourself, you can purchase groceries from the local wet market or supermarket. With 50 SGD a week you can eat plentifully.


Despite its small size, Singapore encompasses all kinds of cultures, languages and religions. Being a major trading hub since 1819, it has attracted labourers all over Asia. There are four official languages in Singapore, namely English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. The majority of Singaporeans are bilingual in English and one of the other three official language. Some Singaporeans, mostly the older generations, are able to speak dialects such as Hokkien, Cantonese and Teochew.

Singaporeans who speak English usually have an inclination towards the western culture, but they also have developed their own set of language, which they called it Singlish. Singlish consists a mixture of different languages namely English, Mandarin, Tamil, Malay and even some dialects (Cantonese, Teochew, Hokkien), which truly reflects the culture diversity of the country.


Although Singapore welcomes foreigners with open arms, it has very harsh punishments for seemingly minor infractions such as gum chewing and graffiti. Drunk and disorderly conduct is a serious crime here, and you can face up to 5,000 SGD in fines or up to 15 years of prison. It is illegal to drink alcohol in public places between the hours of 10.30 pm and 7 am. Between said hours you can only drink in restaurants, bars, cafes and outdoor events that have a permit.

Not only the cigarettes are expensive in Singapore, smokers have to adhere to the strict law in certain part of the country. Orchard Road for instance, has designated smoking area. In other words, you are not allowed to smoke freely even if you are outdoor.

Yes, we know that it was once reported  that Singapore is a boring country. But no matter how small this country is on the world map, it is a wonderful city-state that is worth a visit.

Well, even the #trumpkimsummit happens in this small little country!

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