About Oiyster App

What exactly is Oiyster App?

Oiyster is a mobile application that provides both International and Domestic travellers a platform to post questions prior to their trip and/or during their trip. We aim to connect people around the world to genuinely help one another without social barriers through the App.

How do I ask questions in Oiyster App?

Create an account, select your language, type in your questions and Post it! Easy.

What kind of questions can I ask in Oiyster?

Basically any questions when it comes to travel and exploring new cities! Be it questions you faced while planning your trip or discovering new trending hangouts within your city, just ask away! Remember the world is your Oiyster!

Who would I be expecting to answer my queries?

Locals who knows the city inside out or even fellow travellers just like you! We connect you with people who understand your language. They could be within your proximity or in another area/country.

Is it available in my country?

At the moment, Oiyster App, is only available in Taiwan. However having said that, you are still able to use the app in countries that you residing in or traveling to.

How different are you compared to a web-based forum?

  • We are not a forum but a social messaging app.
  • You will get faster responses and suggestions from local or fellow travellers who are able to understand your language.
  • Whatever you want to know, with Oiyster, information is always on the go
  • Forums helps you plan your itinerary, Oiyster helps you discover beyond your itinerary be it information or even making new friends!

App Functionalities

Am I able to see the posts that have already expired?

We recognise that some of the questions or topics have a limited validity period, thus in order to encourage users to provide fast quality suggestions to the community, each post/topic has an expiry time of 24 hours.

Am I able to see the posts that have already expired?

Yes, you may use our search function, which is located at the top navigation bar, under the proximity & discovery tab. However, we still strongly encourage users to post their questions as they might be surprised with the new suggestions that they could be getting from other contributors.

Why is there a limit to the number of participants in each chatroom?

Oiyster is very similar to a messaging app. In order for our users to get their answers at the quickest possible time, we have to limit the number of users in the chatroom so that the requestor will not be overloaded with information. Take for example, 100 people are talking to you at the same time.

How do I earn these points?

You may earn points from posting questions and providing quality answers. To put it simple, the more engaging you are, the more points you will earn!

Can I post anonymously?

No. Oiyster thrives to build an engaging and helpful community, thus, we encourage every user to be genuine to one another.

If I am going to Taiwan soon, but have yet to fly there, can I still see the post of others in Taiwan?

Of course! Through discovery, you can select Taiwan via the filter and start connecting with the community there!

Why I can't seem to find any post in the "Proximity" tab?

It may be due to there are not many travellers in your particular area or we have yet to expand to that region at the moment. You can always be our ambassador and be the first to start a chatroom! Invite your friends and help us spread the word!