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Oiyster is a community social app that helps you build your own personal travel profile.

Earn points and unlock new travel badges just by asking questions, share your travel experiences and even participating in the global chain video challenge.

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Instant Ask & Replies

Ask questions in your languages
and post them in a specific country or area.
Discuss with the locals and discover hidden gems.

Any travel questions? Just ask Oiyster!

Your Travel Experiences

Keep a record of all the places that you have
visited and share it with fellow travellers.

Provide travel tips and become Oiyster’s travel guru~

Chain up the World

Create 10 sec video and chain them together with the rest of the world.
Invite your friends and join in the fun!

Discover latest trends, culture & language differences through these chain video challenges.

1. Ask Questions

Any travel questions?
Just post in that country or area!

2. Chain up the World

Create a video story together
with the world in 10 seconds!

3. Your Travel Experiences

Be a local travel guru and share
hidden gems with fellow travellers.

4. Travel Footprints

Earn points & build your own
personal travel profile.

So, what are you waiting for?
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Our latest Oiyster Travel App is now available on iOS app store! Let’s start to build your travel profile today!
Android Coming Soon...

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